The Why Behind Kali Klicks

Kali Klicks is a Raleigh based photography company founded on the principle of embracing all love stories. No matter what the circumstance, no love story is too small to be embraced and cherished. Life is simply too short not to. You see that amazing man in the picture above? Yep that is my dad, Scott Guild. He was a giant in my world. My rock, my daily reminder that I was made for more and the first man I ever loved. He is also my why.

On September 24th, 2012 we lost this amazing man. He was 56 years old and far too young to be taken from this world. The irony, I was scheduled to be home within a week of his passing, the same week we had finally planned a long overdue family session with a local photographer. His passing was the catalyst for me to pursue a life long dream of becoming a professional photographer. The week we spread his ashes I purchased my first big girl camera and haven’t put it down yet.

Kali Klicks is a place for all love stories. Families, couples, weddings, mothers, fathers, daughters, siblings, births, elopements….you name it. No one is turned away because we are founded on the basic principle that all love stories are perfectly written. It is my job to capture each unique story as a moment in time to be cherished forever, and let me tell you, it’s not a job I take lightly.

No matter what the event or moment, it is my honor to get a first hand glimpse into the life of each one of my clients. Families that hire me are people looking to capture the small nuances, the simple in between moments and the documentary style approach to each session. Whether it is a wedding, a birth or a family lifestyle session, my goal is to capture both the big picture as well as all the in between. Your love story is perfectly made and it is my job to help embrace all the sweet moments.

I am here to tell you that ALL love stories are worthy of documenting. It is never too late to start, but my best advice is don’t wait a second longer. Life is too short and the gift of photography is the BEST gift you can leave for someone. It is my mission in this life to capture as many love stories as my clients allow. It will be such an honor working with you to embrace YOUR love story.



Raleigh Family Photographer 1.jpg

A Photograph is the pause button of life

-Embrace All Love-

The Kali Klicks Experience

Here is the beautiful and raw truth. A photograph is not just the release of a shutter. It is truly a snapshot into a moment of time. Your story was written for a reason and that includes all the laughter, all the playing, all the gazes and nuances that make your love story unique. To the people out there rolling your eyes, yes I am talking to you. Even if you hate being in front of a camera, you think it will be awkward, you aren’t “photogenic” or whatever other excuse you have to not do the damn things……It’s time to let all that go. What’s a love story without the important people? That means mommas, it’s time to put the camera down and get in the picture with your kids. Brides and couples, smile like you won the lottery and embrace each moment of your special day. Kiddos, be the totally adorable ball of energy that we know you can be, and same sex couples, leave the fear of the unknown at the door and embrace all the badassness that you are. No matter what the circumstance, I am here as a safe space to not only make you feel like a total rock star but also capture all the beautiful moments that make you uniquely you.

I am beyond excited to be part of your love story. You are the most important piece of this puzzle and your experience drives this train. From when you walk into the session until when you leave, we will dance, sing, laugh, wiggle, tickle the kids, belly laugh and have the best time ever. Leave all your expectations of “just a photoshoot” at the door because it’s all the authentic moments in between where we are able to fully capture the beauty of your love story.

Fun Facts About the Kali Klicks Brand

  1. I am a Canon fan and have literally owned nothing but since my first little kid point and shoot camera at the age of 4.

  2. I have an adorable dog named Monroe….yep as in Marilyn Monroe because I have an unhealthy infatuation with all things Marilyn.

  3. I have shot weddings from California to Australia. Have camera will travel.

  4. Elopement and micro weddings are my absolute favorite. Small and intimate is where my heart is, surrounded by the people that mean the very most to the bride and groom.

  5. Fun fact, I am also a body positive Boudoir photographer and you can check out my work at Katelyn Scott Boudoir!

  6. The word embrace means so much to me as an artist. Merriam-Webster defines it as a close encircling with the arms and pressure to the chest especially as a sign of affection. To me, that means you can embrace yourself, the ones you love the most, or a moment in time. My entire photography journey has been about embracing the ones I love most, hence the Embrace All Love motto.

  7. Kali, the first word of my brand, actually is a combination of the first two letters of my name (Katelyn) and my momma’s name (Linda). I was also born and raised in the amazing state of Cali so it just fit.

  8. I have an incredibly unhealthy fear of snakes, so if your session takes place in a field….plan for a very sweaty, jumpy and easily spooked Katelyn. Those little sneaky suckers are everywhere and one cannot be too cautious.

  9. I love to laugh and joke, so when you book with me, plan to do a lot of that.

  10. Lastly, the most valuable lesson I learned both through my dad’s passing and this gift of photography…life is short, moments are fleeting and joy comes and goes. When you have the opportunity to be happy and capture it, move mountains to make it happen.